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 introducing the Srixon Revo CV 5.0. The CV 5.0 is designed for the player looking for the ultimate tweener frame that produces both spin and control. With Dunlop’s V-Energy Shaft II technology, the CV 5.0 is slightly more aerodynamic than the Dunlop F models. The new shaft design features a V-shaped cross-section that optimizes stiffness providing an excellent firm bite and added power on ball impact.

Additional technologies within the Revo CV 5.0 include Sonic Core technology. Dunlop has strategically injected a proprietary high-resilience silicone at critical points of the frame. This technology will maximize energy transfer giving the racquet a comfortable dampened feel while allowing a near perfect balance of comfort and playability. The frame also comes with a material called Synchro Charge, with Dunlop incorporating high-elasticity graphite into the racquet to help enhance stability on off-centered hits. Dunlop has also leveraged thermal energy with Heat Convert, significantly improving shock absorption without adding additional weight to the frame. The Revo CV 5.0 also features an expanded sweet spot thanks to Dunlop’s inclusion of their Straight String System allowing for added pop.

With a slightly larger 102 sq. inch head size, an open 16×19 string pattern lighter 10.4 ounce strung weight, Dunlop’s CV 5.0 is a great user-friendly option for the player looking to play with pace and spin with a forgiving, comfortable response.

  • Item#: 1026641CV


  • Sonic Core Tecnology: Sonic Core Technology utilizes urethane and silicone in the head of the frame to increase dwell time and energy return for power and spin.  The Revo CZ 100S and Revo CZ 98D have Sonic Core VG technology, which introduces a dampening rubber for part of the Sonic Core material.
  • Straight String System: This technology optimizes the angle of the grommet hole so as to reduce string on racquet friction. The result is a reduction of impact vibration and more effective energy transfer to the ball.
  • Synchro Charge System: A uniquely elastic graphite which improves the stability, feel and response on off-center impact.