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Protest Twister Girls Ski Jacket

From £76.30 Was £109.00
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Protest Twister Jacket

Protest Twister Jacket

Geotech 10.000 series:This number tells you how waterproof your garment is. If the fabric is 10k or 10 000 mm, this means you can place a square tube with inner dimensions of 30mm x 30mm over the garment's outer fabric and you could fill it with water to a height of 10 000 mm before water would begin to seep through. The higher this number, the more waterproof the fabric.
Big Comfy Collar:A high warm collar that keeps snow and wind away.
Chin protector:A piece of fabric that guards the chin from possible chafing from the zipper.
Fixed hood:This hood is attached to the garment with stitching and cannot be removed.
Lift pass holder:This garment has a specially designed pocket for the lift pass.
Regular waistgaiter:This is a non-elastic waist gaiter which helps to keep the snow and other elements out of your garment.
Velcro cuffs:On the outside of the sleeves at the cuffs, the sleeve width can be adjusted with the use of velcro.